Fabre Engineering has completed many projects in the dense, urban environment of downtown Denver.

Here are a few:
  • Terrace North Apartments: 37 units, Denver CO
  • The Walcott Apartments: 122 units, Denver CO
  • Clarkson Apartments: 60 units, 5 stories, underground parking, Denver, CO
  • The Rows on 26th Avenue: 16 townhome units on 0.4 acres, Denver, CO
  • River North Residences: 17 townhome units on 0.4 acres, Denver, CO
  • Backyard on Blake: A mixed use commercial residential project on 0.3 acres, Denver, CO
  • 6th & Inca Live/Work Development: A mixed use commercial residential project, Denver, CO
  • Harrison Townhomes: 15 unit townhome development on 5 ac site, Denver, CO
  • Confluence View: 8 unit townhome development, Denver, CO
  • Yates Triplex: 3 unit triplex, Denver CO
  • Washington Park Condos: 20 unit condominium development, Denver, CO
  • Quivas Condos: 14 unit condominium development, Denver, CO
  • Wyman Townhomes: 10 unit townhome development, Denver, CO
  • Shoshone Heights Townhomes: 7 unit townhome development, Denver, CO
  • Jefferson Park Place: 27 townhome units, Denver CO
  • Grove Street Townhomes: 5 townhome units, Denver, CO
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